The vast majority of repairs & modifications are finished in our own Workshop. The tooling is specifically for firearms & airguns. When a job is accepted a diagnosis of the problem confirms the method and nature of the repair. Where a tool, or part, is not in stock this will be confirmed. The part or tool will be obtained from our well connected list of suppliers as soon as possible. Over the years we’ve accumulated a well-stocked tool & parts store providing clients with a guaranteed and speedy service.

General Gunsmithing.

Many jobs entrusted to us are what we would call “Run of the Mill”. Broken springs, firing pin replacement, ejector problems, trigger sensitivity and most problems associated with normal wear & tear.
Air-guns have particular problems as do rifles & shotguns. The problem however is always exaggerated when a repair is undertaken by an unskilled “well meaning” amateur. This usually leads to more work for the gunsmith and a higher cost to the client. Always be risk adverse and bring your problem to a gunsmith.

Modifications & Gun-fitting.

Modifying and fitting a gun for a client is where a confidant and experienced Gunsmith is paramount. Opening a choke on a “Fixed Choke Gun” is a precise and difficult operation. An expensive shotgun can be ruined if this procedure is mishandled.
The choke is the last bit of the gun to say “goodbye” to the shot and is critical to produce an even and true pattern. All modifying and gun-fitting falls into this category which requires precise, experienced craftsmanship.

Gun Finishing.

A very rewarding procedure, all the more on airguns & firearms that are in poor condition.  A professionally re-blued barrel and an oil finished stock puts a smile on everyone’s face, especially the proud gunsmith!

All our work is guaranteed.